Rental Info - Villa Maintenance

Making Sure Your Stay is Perfect


Ensuring that your stay at Utopia villa is flawless takes quite a bit of maintenance and service. If any service person should appear at your Villa unannounced, call us to confirm their identity while they wait outside. It is always your choice not to let them in if it interferes with your day, and we can generally ask them to return at another time.

Maid Services and Cleaning: Our villa is thoroughly cleaned and prepared before your arrival. After you depart, the housekeepers will clean the villa and launder the sheets and towels.  We can also pamper you and provide daily maid service from $100 dollars per day depending on the size of your group.

General Unscheduled Maintenance: We constantly do repairs and maintenance to the Villa it is a part of life when owning a villa in this very harsh ocean salt environment. The salt corrodes everything inside and out of the Villa at a very fast rate. While we do our best to make sure everything runs as it should, unexpectedly repairs do happen. In these instances our property manager will do his best to make repairs immediately and or while you may be out for the day enjoying the island so as not to disturb your vacation. 

Garbage and Trash Removal: St John does not have door-to-door trash collection service. Please drive your bagged garbage daily to the garbage bin (map is available to our guests). it is located on the left side of the road after you pass the second Gas station as you are heading into town.

We highly recommend that you remove your garbage every day to prevent the unpleasant effects of heat as well as to deter unwanted insects and critters from coming around.

Pool and Spa Maintenance: A complete pool and spa cleaning and servicing is generally done just before your arrival. Our pool and spa both use a state of the art Salt System for purification which eliminates the need to add Chlorine. The pumps are set on timers to automatically circulate and filter the water. There is a pool net hanging on the fence by the railing.

Exterminators and Gardeners: We try to schedule our exterminator and gardeners visit during villa vacancies, however at times this is not possible and thus a visit could occur during your visit.